TSR Gift Baskets Are Here For The Holidays

Don't know what to get someone for the holidays? Look no further. Taste Select Repeat is back with a new set of gift baskets featuring exclusive barrel picks, gourmet snacks and prime selections from our shop.

This year's gift baskets come in a variety of options and price points, and are a fun tribute to the ghosts of New York nightclubs past. Each set is named after a different hot spot and includes an illustration of a breaker busting out an iconic dance move. They're the perfect gift for friends, family or business clients.

The Tunnel series features five different stand-alone gift baskets anchored by our recent Maker's Mark, Blue Run, Bainbridge and Frey Ranch barrel picks, as well as selections from O.K.I. and New Riff.

The Limelight is a 3-month package that includes five bottles, including our Dark Arts bourbon and Codigo 1530 tequila barrel picks alongside the Bainbridge and selections from Nikka Japanese whisky and LumiereVodka.

The Palladium is the full Monty of TSR gift baskets. It's 16 bottles stretched out over six months including our Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select Tennessee whiskey and rye, barrel picks from Knob Creek, O.K.I., and Smooth Ambler, plus selections from Hooten Young and Rey Campero mezcal.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanzaa, or you're in the business of gifting to employees or prospects, the TSR Gift Baskets are this year's go-to holiday solution.

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