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Rey Campero Espadin Mezcal

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Rey Campero uses the best quality Angustifolia agave to make its Espadin mezcal. It's fermented in open air with wild yeasts and some batches are aged in glass to tame the sharpness. Citrusy, sweet and smokey, it's excellent neat and is the perfect mezcal for cocktails.

  • Nom 0185X
  • Mezcalero Romulo and Vicente Sánchez Parada
  • Village Candelaria Yegole, Oaxaca
  • Agave 100% Espadin
  • Fermentation Open air with wild yeast
  • Still Copper
  • Proof 96 / 48% ABV.

Translated, Rey Campero means "King of Countryside." Located in Oaxaca's Southern Highlands, it's known for creating jobs and opportunities for local maguey and finding markets for the best mezcal. Made in small batches, proof point and flavor profiles vary, while the high quality of its spirits remains consistent.