Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I'm looking for a retailer to help my group with a single barrel. Do you do that? Yes. Go to the menu in the footer and select: Contact Us. Then select "Barrel Pick" from the drop down menu.

Q: I need to send a client/friend something special. Do you do gifting? Yup, we can help with that. You can use the live chat (during business hours), or select "Gifting / Private Event" from the Contact Us page in the footer.

Q: Can I hire you to do a tasting event? Yes. We would love that. Select Events & Gifting from the main menu for more information.


Q: My order arrived and it's incorrect. What should I do? If you receive your package and it's missing an item, or you receive the wrong item, contact us at and include photographs of the item(s) you received, your packing slip, and the shipping label on the package. We will open an investigation to verify your claim, and work with you to resolve the situation as per our Refund Policy.

Q: I ordered and forgot to use a discount code. Can you apply it? We don't apply discount codes retroactively.

Q: I placed two orders, can you combine them? No. However, we can cancel your orders so you can create a new one. Keep in mind, stock levels change and a product may go out of stock before you're able to complete a new order.

Q: I gave you the wrong shipping address. Can you change it? Yes, if the order hasn't shipped. If the shipping cost increases, you'll be asked to pay the difference. If it has shipped, you will be able to reroute it or request a hold with the shipper. 

Q: I bought a pre-sale product and the description says, "All sales are final." Can I cancel it? Yes, but you'll be charged a $20 service fee.

Q: I'm trying to use multiple discount codes at once but it's not working. What gives? Only one discount code can be used per order.

Q: My order has a tracking number but there's no delivery date. What's going on? We're packing it. It takes 3-7 business days for us to prep your order for shipping. This isn't fast food. Hold tight, meditate, and get your Chi right. A little patience goes a long way.

Q: My order is en route but it's delayed. What should I do? Be patient. We know it's hard, but delays aren't abnormal and they almost always get sorted out by the shipper. Besides, if it turns out your package is lost or damaged, we have you covered. If you call the shipper, you're going to waste a lot of your time without getting a resolution. We do not recommend filing a claim. Only one party can file a claim, so if you do that, it prevents us from filing and being reimbursed. If you file a claim, you're responsible for resolving it. 

Q: My shipment appears to be damaged, should I refuse it? No. Once you complete your purchase, the product(s) belong to you. We arrange shipping as a service to you, and the shipping provider is responsible if damage occurs in transit. To avoid return-shipping and restock fees, inconvenience and delays, you're better off accepting the package. In all likelihood, most of your products will be intact. Email us pictures of the unopened damaged box (if damage is visible upon delivery), the damaged products once you open your package, and your packing slip and we will help you resolve the situation as per our Refund Policy.

Q: How many times will you attempt to deliver my package and what should I do if no one will be there to receive it? The shipper will make two attempts to deliver your package. If you miss them, it will be redirected to a local pick-up facility and you will have five days to retrieve it. After that, it will be returned to us and subject to our Refund Policy. If you don't think someone of legal age will be present to receive your package, we recommend you contact the shipper and ask for it to be sent to a local pick-up location.  

Q: I missed my shipment and it's being returned to you. What are next steps? Please review our Refund Policy for full details. Assuming your shipment is returned in tact, we will issue you a refund. We don't refund shipping fees and we charge a restock fee to cover the cost of return shipping. If you still want the item, the fastest way to get it is to place a new order.


Q: How long does it take to get off the waiting list? There's no set time. We review the list weekly. Making a purchase (gift cards not included) or subscribing to the Booster Box, move you to the front of the line.

Q: My dashboard (Corner Office) says my membership is inactive. How do I fix that? Buy something. Active members place at least one order every two months. Once we see you active again, we'll upgrade your status.


Q: I'm using your chat function but no one's responding. Where ya at? Chat support is live from 10a-4p EST. If we miss you on the chat, we'll respond via email as soon as we can.

Q: I have buyer's remorse so I'm about to send you a nasty email. Squeaky wheel gets the grease, right? Please don't. Take 10 deep breaths and practice some loving-kindness. We want you to have a great experience but the customer isn't always right. If you have a legitimate problem, we'll do everything we can to make it right. If you send us a spicy email that's wildly disrespectful, we reserve the right to deactivate your account.