How Knob Creek Became The Backbone Of Jim Beam’s Single Barrel Program

Since its inception, Knob Creek has straddled the line between tradition and innovation. As Jim Beam's flagship small batch bourbon, it's draws on over 200 years of history but is also an industry leader that's changed the way American whiskey is made and marketed. A shining example of Knob Creek's commitment to innovation is their single barrel program, where hands-on bourbon craftsmanship takes center stage.

The history of Knob Creek

Launched in 1992 under the guidance of master distiller Booker Noe, Knob Creek was vital in reviving the taste for full proof bourbon at a time when other brands were lowering their ABV. Using Jim Beam’s proprietary low-rye mash bill, Knob Creek 9 Year bourbon whiskey was bottled at 100 proof and became a popular choice for whiskey drinkers looking for something high quality. The following decades saw the line expand to include such releases as the allocated and hard-to-find Knob Creek 18 Year bourbon, the highly-lauded Knob Creek 12 Year bourbon, and a bold rye variant.

The impact of the Knob Creek single barrel program

The Knob Creek Single Barrel Select Experience is also central to the brand and is Jim Beam’s premier single barrel program. It invites stores and individuals to travel to Clermont, Kentucky, where they sample and select their own barrel of 9-year-old Knob Creek whiskey which is then bottled at 120 proof. The program provides an immersive opportunity for enthusiasts to shape their unique bourbon narrative, forging a personal connection with the rich heritage of Knob Creek and Jim Beam.

In March 2022, Taste Select Repeat traveled to Clermont to participate in the Knob Creek Single Barrel Select Experience. The resulting barrel pick was named “Raise The Roof,” since it hails from the top of Warehouse K. Barreled in October 2012 and dumped in August 2022, it features tasting notes of vanilla, caramel and oak, with a bold, long finish. It's currently available in our shop along with Knob Creek Limited-Edition 18 Year bourbon and Knob Creek 12 Year bourbon.

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