How Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select Program Became A Game Changer

Embraced by movie stars, rock icons, and athletes, Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey is a venerable name in spirits. In fact, it's the world's best-selling whiskey. Fame comes with a price. This occasionally undermines Jack Daniel's standing among whiskey nerds, who fault the distiller for being popular. But if you dismiss Jack Daniel's because it's the #1 whiskey in the world, you're overlooking the enduring quality of its products. In particular, its Single Barrel Select program has an outstanding reputation for producing exceptional whiskey.

Selecting a Jack Daniel's single barrel

In 2022, Taste Select Repeat visited the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. With help from John Edwards of Dads Drinking Bourbon, two highly-rated single barrels, dubbed "The Game Changers" (pictured below), were selected on site.

The Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey has a fruit-forward palate with rye spices on the finish. The Single Barrel Rye is delicate and approachable, balancing sweetness and spice from start to finish.

The history of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select Program

Jack Daniel's introduced its first single barrel of Tennessee whiskey in 1997, before the thirst for single barrel whiskeys had gone into overdrive. The true turning point came in 2018 with the release of the Barrel Proof version, which catapulted the Single Barrel Select program to widespread acclaim. Only top-floor barrels in Jack Daniel's tall rickhouses are chosen for the Single Barrel Select program. These unique locations accelerate maturation, resulting in a higher proof and richer whiskey, without the risk of over-aging or bitterness.

In 2016, Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Collection launched its Personal Collection, which democratized the barrel picking process. Buyers can visit the distillery and work with Master Distiller Chris Fletcher or work from samples to purchase a one-of-a-kind whiskey according to their personal taste. In addition to their single barrel, buyers receive premium keepsakes, including a custom barrel head, framed certificate, luxury decanter, and personalized Single Barrel bottle. It's a special and personalized journey into the world of Jack Daniel's whiskey.

Jack Daniel's whiskey expands its portfolio

Jack Daniel’s has diversified its offerings with higher age-statements and a plethora of recent additions. The portfolio now includes Jack Daniel's 10 Year and 12 Year, Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel’s Bonded, and ready-to-drink options like Jack & Coke, Tennessee Honey, and Tennessee Fire.

The Single Barrel Select Program continues to stand among the country's best single barrel programs. It underscores Jack Daniel’s commitment to premium whiskey craftsmanship, and solidifies the distiller's position in the world of fine spirits.


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