How 'The Big Lebowski' Made The White Russian A Cult Classic

It's sweet, creamy and goes down as smooth as chocolate milk. Pause. But make no mistake, the White Russian is no children's drink. The Black Russian, a lactose-free variation, is actually the original recipe. It was first served in Cold War Europe in the late 1940s. Like the Espresso Martini, it's an indulgent mix of vodka and coffee liqueur; two spirits that always play well together. The White Russian started its renaissance in 1998, thanks to the Coen brothers movie, The Big Lebowski. Jeff Bridges famously played, Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, and slurps the cocktail throughout the film. 

White Russian Ingredients

  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Coffee Liqueur
  • 1 oz Heavy Cream
  • Ice cubes

How To Make A White Russian

  1. Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes.
  2. Pour in vodka and coffee liqueur.
  3. Stir lightly to combine the ingredients.
  4. Add heavy cream last, poured gently on top.

When preparing your White Russian, elevate the presentation by slowly pouring the heavy cream over the back of a spoon. This simple technique creates a beautiful layered effect, adding a touch of elegance to your cocktail experience.

White Russian Riff

The Blonde Russian is a decadent variation of the White Russian. Simply substitute heavy cream with 1/2 oz of Baileys Irish Cream liqueur. This gives the cocktail a creamy richness and adds a hint of whiskey to an already stacked flavor profile.

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