The Secrets Behind Blanton's And Other Single Barrel Whiskeys

When he's not busy picking barrels or judging spirits competitions, Taste Select Repeat founder Orlando Lima enjoys sharing his knowledge of distilled beverages with the world.

In his first article for noted spirits website Vinepair, Lima explores the history of single barrel bourbon, and the unique challenges producers face bringing single barrel whiskeys to consumers.

Titled, For Single-Barrel Whiskey, Bottling Consistency Is a Delicate — Sometimes Impossible — Dance, the article travels from the beginning, when Elmer T. Lee pioneered Blanton's for Buffalo Trace. Spoiler alert: Blanton's was the first single barrel bourbon. 

Along the way, Lima explains the advent of store picks and single barrel programs, and how distillers balance the need for consistency with the demand for unique flavor profiles. Whether you're a bourbon nerd or a casual drinker with a taste for the good stuff, you'll enjoy reading about the history and hard work that goes into every bottle of single barrel bourbon.

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