TSR Kicks Off Blue Run Spirits' New Private Barrel Program

Taste Select Repeat is proud to offer the first release from Blue Run Spirits' new "Chosen" private barrel program. Named "The Chosen One," this single barrel bourbon was hand selected at the distillery by OJ, Pierre, and our friends at the the Black & Brown Podcast to commemorate our third anniversary and their 10th season. 

The Chosen Ones 

TSR was one of around 50 participants chosen last Fenbruary for the 2023 season. In an interview with Beverage Dynamics, Blue Run Spirits co-founder and CEO Mike Montgomery said they selected retailers and organizations that "share the company’s values and vision for a broader, more diverse whiskey community."

The Program

The barrels set aside for the program vary in age, proof and mashbill, depending on the participants preferences. For "The Chosen One," TSR and the Black & Brown Podcast chose a high corn mash bill that was bottled at 123.2 proof with a yield of 180 bottles. It is currently available in our Barrel Picks shop. 

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