OJ Talks Whiskey On The Beer Mighty Things Podcast

Beer and whiskey share many of the same ingrediants even if they're completely different alcoholic beverages. That's why it was an easy fit for Taste Select Repeat's OJ Lima to appear as a guest on The Beer Mighty Things podcast. On the agenda of discussion points were the state of the American whiskey market, OJ's thought's on what lies ahead, and his upcoming whiskey brand, Kinfolk Trust.

Beer Mighty Things

Hosted by Kyle C. Rheiner, Beer Mighty Things began during the depths of the COVID-19 lockdown, with initial episodes addresing independent businesses efforts to survive the crisis. Rheiner is a spirits industry veteran who specializes in insurance for beverage producers and bar owners. With over 200 episodes available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, the show has interviewed a wide berth of profesionals and enthusiasts from the worlds of liquor, wine, and beer.

Kindred Spirits

Lima met Rheiner at last year's Craft Beverage Expo, where OJ was a the keynote speaker. "I really had my eye opened to a lot of things that were going on in independent and craft distilling," Lima told Rheiner on the podcast. "When we met, I met so many people trhat were in those spaces that I'm not, that I really a lot from them." Coincidentally, OJ returns to the Craft Beverage Expo next week, when it runs from May 7th through 8th in Reno, Nevada.

Good Talk

On the episode, Lima and Rheiner discuss the fluctuations in the spirits industry since the coronavirus pandemioc and the challenges of remaining independent in a climate of corporate consolidation. As usual, OJ drops science about the art of distilling, barrel picking, and his plans for the future. Watch a teaser clip from Instagram or the whole episode above.

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