Why We Root For Komos Tequila

A few months ago, we added the sought-after Komos Añejo Cristalino to the shop and it sold out quickly. Fortunately, we were able to re-up and add their Reposado Rosa and Extra Añejo to our growing inventory of high-quality agave spirits.

We love Komos because they craft delicious tequila using creative maturation techniques that co-mingle the worlds of wine and tequila. We also respect the company's founder, Richard Betts, for being a champion of equity in an industry that is often slow to do the right thing.

Betts was at the top of the wine game a highly decorated master sommelier and board member of the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas (CMSA). But he turned in his pin and resigned from the organization in June 2020, citing moral differences. In short, Betts felt that despite its considerable influence, the CMSA wasn’t doing its part to modernize the wine industry.

"Recently the discourse has been about 'the pin,' 'the credential,' and I believe this has come at the expense of hospitality and inclusive education," Betts explained in a post on Medium. "If 'preserving the integrity' of some elite credential is the main priority, which in turn leads us to treat our candidates in an unfair manner, then I want no part of it."

"The recent global amplification of the long-ignored outcry for racial equality and social justice has elicited what feels to me like a complete lack of empathy from the CMSA... It is unacceptable that in some CMSA circles there has been rhetoric around not being a political organization and wanting to remain neutral. There is no neutral. By doing nothing, one passively endorses the status quo — and the status quo for BIPOC in America has been, and remains, horrible."

TSR's primary mission is to bring you world-class spirits. It's also important for us to shine a light on brands that make our industry a better place to work and live. We're excited to offer the complete line of Komos tequilas in the shop.

[Photo: tequilakomos]

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