Komos • Cristalino Anejo | Tequila

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Komos has a proprietary technique for aging and finishing tequila. First, it sits for at least 12 months in French oak white wine barrels. After aging, it's dripped through a charcoal column to remove impurities. Finally, the tequila is aerated gently in Greek Amphora (clay pots). The result is a clear, dry, citrus-forward anejo with a soft mouthfeel. 

  • Nom 1110 
  • Region Jalisco, Los Valles 
  • Classification Anejo
  • Mash Bill 100% Tequilana Weber 
  • Cooking Stone / Brick Ovens 
  • Extraction Roller Mill 
  • Fermentation Stainless Steel Tanks. 
  • Still Stainless Pot with Copper Coil.
  • Aging French Oak White Wine Barrels. 
  • Proof 80 / 40% ABV 

Bottle Size: 375ML