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Komos Tequila Anejo Cristalino

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Komos Anejo Cristalino gives sweet cooked agave, and dark chocolate on the palate and finishes with a buttery roundness. It's aged for a year in French oak white wine barrels, then charcoal filtered to remove color, congeners and tannins.

  • Nom 1110
  • Region Jalisco, Los Valles
  • Agave 100% Blue Weber
  • Cooking Stone / Brick Ovens
  • Extraction Roller Mill
  • Fermentation Stainless Steel Tanks.
  • Still Stainless Pot with Copper Coil.
  • Proof 80 / 40% ABV

Richard Betts, the outspoken Master Sommelier turned winemaker turned tequila maker, is the brain behind Komos. He's added Mediterranean wine techniques to the maturation process to create three expressions of tequila which also include Reposado Rosa and Extra Anejo. Yes, the hand-crafted bottles are also cool to look at.

Customer Reviews

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Esteban B
Cristalino - the best of the 3

I don't usually like cristalinos but this anejo cristalino is a no brainer. It's easily the best of the 3 tequilas Komos makes. Easy to drink, not too sweet and fun to have a bottle that makes you feel like you're in the VIP of the club!