Congrats To Frey Ranch For Being Named VinePairs' 'Spirits Brand Of The Year'

Congratulations to our friends at Frey Ranch Distillery for being named “Spirits Brand of the Year” by VinePair. The honor comes as part of The 2023 VinePair Next Wave Awards which celebrates those in the spirits industry that are "creating community in their spaces, innovating in their fields and revolutionizing drinks culture as we know it."

"Frey Ranch has ascended to such a lofty status in the eyes of whiskey drinkers without any sorts of gimmicks or shenanigans," writes VinePair's Aaron Goldfarb. "It’s simply great whiskey coming from the land."

Based in Fallon, Nevada, Colby and Ashley Frey have built a special team that are making great whiskey. We met them in 2021 and have been fortunate enough to do two barrel picks with them, 2022's Women's History Month Select and this year's Dadlife single barrel bourbon.  

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