Mock Up: The Alpha

Our Elijah Craig barrel pick is here... and it's barrel strength. It was bottled on August 6, 2021, the first barrel strength single barrel to ever come off the line. It was hand-selected at Heaven Hill back in May by Jess Adkins, Rashaun Hall, Scott Ruhnau, Pierre Auguste and OJ Lima. This is a mock-up of the bottle provided by the distillery. Keep an eye on our release calendar for updates.

The Alpha: EC x TSR Barrel R6-5742857

  • Barrel 5742857
  • Cooperage Undisclosed. Char 3. 
  • Rickhouse R. 6th Floor.
  • Barreled April 5, 2010
  • Age 11 Years. 4 Months. 1 Day.
  • Mash Bill 78% Corn. 10% Rye. 12% Malted Barley.
  • Proof 133.4. 66.7% ABV.
  • Loss 51%
  • Yield 132 Bottles

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