Meet Macaulay Minton, The Wizard Behind Dark Arts Whiskey House

Macaulay Minton, the visionary behind Dark Arts Whiskey House, is a wizard in the realm of whiskey. His magic lies not in sorcery like Harry Potter, but in the transformative art of whiskey blending and finishing. His official job title at Dark Arts is President and Chief Alchemist.

The Bonds Of Friendship

OJ and Pierre first met Macaulay when he was the single barrel manager at Wilderness Trail Distillery. Taste Select Repeat picked three single barrels there: two “Mixed Doubles” single barrel bourbons and “The Soft Touch” single barrel rye. We became friends while working together and were excited when Minton decided to branch out on his own.

A New Beginning

Dark Arts set up shop earlier this year in Lexington, Kentucky. They currently offer a French Oak Stave Finished bourbon, an Amburana Oak Stave Finished rye, and a Barely Legal Cask Strength bourbon. All three are made from three-barrel blends of Indiana whiskey, ranging from 6-8 years old. The first two clock in at 108 proof, while the later is 115.

TSR also collaborated with Dark Arts on it's first single barrel selection. Released in October, “Super Friends” is a cask strength, 9-year-old bourbon.

The Dark Arts Experiance

Aside from Dark Art's core whiskeys, Minton offers a wide range of spirits services to his clients. When you visit Dark Arts, you can select single barrels, as well as, blend and finish your whiskey in a multitude of barrels ranging from Amburana to French oak. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, alchemy is the "seemingly magical or miraculous power of transmutation or extraction." It makes you wonder if Minton is a graduate of Hogwarts, after all.

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