The 2021 Women's History Month Select - Watch Us Work

In 2020 we did our Women's History Month selection with New Riff but, due to Covid, we had to switch it up this year. Luckily we had an Old Forester pick on deck and since their barrel program is run by a woman, Master Taster Jackie Zykan, it made perfect sense to go with OF for 2021.

This year we invited our good friend, Tim McKee - the official Whiskey Wednesdays - to select with us. We didn't get to do the pick in person, but we did record the virtual selection process for your education and enjoyment.

Aside from being able to pick with an expert, Jackie dropped gems about what it's like to be a woman in the spirits industry. She also explained why the 100 proof barrel picks of Old Forester are more special than the barrel strength options. Surprise! We ended up picking two barrels. Stay tuned for barrel number two...


There's more...

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