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Woodinville Bourbon

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This Woodinville Whiskey Company single barrel bourbon is a collaboration between the Black and Brown Podcast and Taste Select Repeat. Barrel 4651 was hand-selected at Woodinville's barreling and bottling facility in Quincy, WA by Anthony Culbert, Delvin Joyce, William Stephens, Pierre Auguste and OJ Lima, then bottled at cask strength exclusively for Taste Select Repeat.

Woodinville & Chill

  • Distiller Woodinville Whiskey Co.
  • Parent Company Moët Hennessy
  • Barrel 4651
  • Cooperage Independent Stave Co. 53 gallon. 18-month seasoned wood. Char 4. Heavily toasted heads.
  • Rick House Building 2 South. Column 3. Row 2. Position 7.
  • Barreled January 27, 2016
  • Age 5 Years. 5 Months.
  • Mash Bill 72% Corn. 22% Rye. 6% Malted Barley.
  • Entry Proof 110 / 55% ABV⁣⁣⁣
  • Final Proof 119.48 / 59.74% ABV⁣⁣⁣
  • Loss 28%
  • Yield 192 Bottles

Customer Reviews

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Hats Off To Washington State

As a PNW native, I'm a big supporter of local distilleries and Woodinville is one of our best. I think it's great they're branching out and doing single barrels and this is a truly exceptional release. Big burly spices mix with the pronounced sweetness of the mash bill to deliver a truly impressive sip. This is everything craft whiskey should be. Highly recommended.

Danny Marlin
Underrated But Shouldn't Be

My niece bought me a bottle of Woodinville's straight bourbon for Christmas a couple years ago. I really enjoyed it and made sure to buy this barrel pick when it came out. At 119 proof this blows away their regular releases and the nose is dreamy. I like that it has all those classic bourbon flavors but still offers something unique.