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Taconic Stout Finished Rye

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This Taconic rye whiskey was aged for four years and three months, before being rested for one year and six months in a secondary barrel gifted to us by Other Half Brewing. The secondary barrel was used by Other Half to age stout beer. It originated from Buffalo Trace where it was used to age Weller bourbon. The rye barrel was hand-selected by Pierre Auguste and OJ Lima. The finishing process was supervised by Taconic's Head Distiller, Brandon Collins. This is the first project from our Experimental Collection, as well as, our 2022 Father's Day release. It has bold notes of rye spice on the nose, semi-sweet dark chocolate on the palate, and a prolonged peppery finish.

Dadlife 2022

  • Barrel 497
  • Age NAS. Aged 5 Years 9 Months.
  • Mash Bill 95% Rye. 5% Malted Barley.
  • Entry Proof 124 / 62% ABV
  • Final Proof 115 / 57.5% ABV
  • Selected April 24, 2020
  • Yield 174 Bottles

Customer Reviews

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Gary Epstein
Spicy hot chocolate FTW!

If you like stout beer or ryes with a lot of spice, you will love this one. The moment I tasted this it reminded me of the Jacques Torres spicy hot chocolate people wait in line for hours to get. It's a special bottle. I bought 4.