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Gold Fashioned - Whiskey Cocktail

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This ready-to-drink Old Fashioned is the brainchild of spirits trendsetter Robert Haynes; famous for his cocktail work at the Violet Hour and Analogue, two of Chicago's premier cocktail bars. It's crafted with premium ingredients to create a luxury cocktail experience you can enjoy at home. The Gold Fashioned 2022 Blend features 6-15 year whiskeys, saffron bitters and fair trade Malawian Demerara sugar. It also comes in a deluxe box that includes an orange zest atomizer for the perfect finishing touch. 

  • Mash Bill 15-year Kentucky bourbon. 9-year Kentucky bourbon. 6-year Indiana rye. 
  • Proof 84.4 / 42.2% ABV⁣⁣⁣
  • Yield 10-15 Drinks