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Real Minero Mezcal - Espadin

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The family behind Real Minero has been making mezcal for several generations and they're known worldwide for their small batch bottlings. Their mezcal is produced in clay pot stills, then rested in glass for several months before bottling. This gives their products a signature mouthfeel that's soft and full bodied. Supported by the local community, Real Minero also operates an agave reforestation program that's saved several agave varietals from extinction. The flavors of their Espadin mezcal vary from batch to batch but are most often noted to be sweet and fruity (plums, strawberries, cherries) with a soft touch of smoke, vanilla and mint.

  • Mezcalero¬†Edgar Angeles Carre√Īo
  • Village Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca
  • Mash Bill 100%¬†Espadin Agave. 10 years old.
  • Mill¬†Electric
  • Oven Cooked in underground conical ovens
  • Fermentation Open air in 1500-liter pine vats
  • Still¬†Double distilled in clay pots
  • Proof¬†91.8 / 45.9% ABV. Varies by batch.
  • Yield¬†Approximately 1000 Bottles. Varies by batch.