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Old 55 Bourbon - Sweet Corn Single Barrel

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Old 55 Distillery produces the world's only 100% sweet corn bourbon. This unique whiskey's made from non-GMO sweet corn on the cob, grown by the distiller on their family farm. It has a light, breezy nose. On the palate, it's caramel upfront. This is followed by a combination of savory and sweet notes that hit like a loaded gourmet burger served on a freshly-baked sesame-seed bun. At 100 proof, the finish is gives you a respectful bro-hug. Unless you visit the distillery in Newtown, Indiana, this single barrel's impossible to find in the wild. 

  • Age 4 Years
  • Barrel 18A10
  • Cooperage 30 Gallon. Char 3. 
  • Mash Bill 100% Sweet Corn.
  • Proof 100 / 50% ABV