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Nueveuno Tequila Anejo

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Nueveuno Tequila offers a complete line of Kosher tequilas which are also certified organic and additive free. Nueveuno tequila anejo is aged in used bourbon barrels for a year and a half. It has a rich golden hue, a seductive aroma and notes of vanilla, caramel and cappuccino on the palate.

  • Nom 1426
  • Region Jalisco, Los Valles
  • Agave 100% Blue Weber
  • Cooking Stone / Brick Oven
  • Extraction Roller Mill
  • Water Source Deep Well Water
  • Fermentation Open-Air Stainless Steel Tanks. No Fibers.
  • Distillation Twice Distilled
  • Still Stainless Steel Pot
  • Aging Used Bourbon Barrels. 1.5 Years.
  • Proof 80 / 40% ABV

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Heather Goldy
This I Like

Lots of alcohol on the front end but with no burn. Rich and interesting anejo. Tastes very clean, if that makes sense. Decent price point for a high end anejo and also makes for a good gift. My mother-in-law loved it.