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Martin Miller's Gin

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Martin Miller's is an award-winning, London dry gin made in Borgarnes, Iceland. It's produced using two separate distillations, which give the gin a balanced palate of citrus and juniper. Martin Miller's gin has a crisp mouthfeel like a traditional gin, but it also drinks smooth due to the purity of the local spring water used in distillation. It's a light but flavorful 80-proof spirit that's perfect for any gin cocktail.

Bottle Size 1 Liter

Customer Reviews

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Vincent J.
a BIG BOTTLE that goes a long way

Martin Miller is my favorite gin. It's wonderfully crisp and makes excellent martinis and gin & tonics. The problem is, the 750ml bottles go too fast. Thank god TSR sells the 1-liter bottle. Even so, I buy 2 at a time to save on delivery. Cocktail problems solved!

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If you’re in our house, you’ll be drinking this gin. Hints of lemon and lime, similar to a Plymouth but with a little bit of a Quinine bitterness to it. Some say similar to a flat Sprite, in a good way

Try this Gin in your next martini riff.
We do a Vesper with grapefruit bitters.
2 part Martin Millers, 1 part vodka, 1 part cocchi americano, with a few dashes of Grapefruit bitters ; stirred not shaken. Pour into a chilled glass and garnish with an orange twist. Beautiful cocktail with a beautiful Gin.

Penny Vaughan
Superb Recommendation

I find gin, like vodka, is often a zero sum game where the tried and true brands are as good as the new fancy ones. Not so with this. Has a depth of character often lacking in gin and is good enough to have on its own and not just in cocktails.