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Herradura Tequila - Silver

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One of Mexico's foremost brands, Herradua Silver is aged for 45 days in American Oak barrels. The short time in the barrel gives it a sweet, woody flavor and a balanced finish not typical for blancos. Complex enough to drink neat, but it also makes an excellent cocktail.  
  • Nom¬†1119
  • Region¬†Tequila, Jalisco
  • Classification¬†Blanco¬†
  • Agave¬†Tequilana Agave
  • Water Source Natural Spring Water
  • Cooking¬†Stone / Brick Ovens¬†
  • Extraction¬†Roller Mill¬†
  • Still¬†Stainless¬†Pot With Copper Coil
  • Distillation Twice Distilled¬†
  • Aging¬†American White Oak Barrels¬†
  • Proof¬†80 / 40% ABV


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