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Don Fulano Tequila Blanco Fuerte

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Don Fulano is a family owned tequila producer whose legacy dates back five generations. Their tequilas are certified additive-free and the Fuerte Blanco comes in at 100 proof, which is 10% ABV higher than your average tequila. It has pronounced spicy aromatics and a full complex finish. Sip it neat or use it to make a premier cocktail.

  • Nom 1146
  • Lot 08DFF22 
  • Region Jalisco, Los Valles
  • Agave Maduro / Pinto
  • Water Source Natural Volcanic Spring
  • Cooking Autoclave
  • Extraction Self-Engineered Screw Press
  • Distillation Copper Pot Still  
  • Proof 100 / 50% ABV

Customer Reviews

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Damon Quinlan
All I Can Say Is Wow

Bright and spicy, this high octane blanco isn't your typical tequila.