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Finger Lakes Bourbon - DIY7 Eagle Cliff Falls

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Retro Drop

This is the six-year wheater from Finger Lakes Distilling that was used to make DIY4. The remainder of the barrel was bottled on is own at cask strength and dismantled all the Wellers in a blind tasting. It was hand-selected at the distillery by Caleb Santana,¬†Ryan Sterk,¬†Pierre Auguste¬†and¬†OJ Lima. ‚Ā£‚Ā£‚Ā£It originally yielded 72 bottles and was sold by Seelbach's.

  • Barrel¬†1442¬†¬†
  • Age¬†6 Years¬†
  • Mash Bill¬†70% Corn. 20% Wheat. 10% Malted Barley.¬†
  • Proof¬†106.2 / 53.1% ABV¬†
  • Picked¬†June 8, 2019¬†
  • Originally Released¬†February 8, 2020¬†¬†