Clase Azul Mezcal - Guerrero

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This limited-edition Clase Azul mezcal has notes of grapefruit, cedar, nuts and herbs, with hints of butter and daisy flowers. It's made from Papalote agave that grows wild in the mountains of Guerrero, Mexico, and can take up to 15 years to mature. Once harvested, the agaves are cooked for several days in a pit using volcanic rock and firewood from the Guamuchil tree. This bottle is a beautiful blue-green, adorned with flowers that symbolize the Fifth Sun, a pre-Hispanic god representing the origin of the universe.

  • RegionĀ Guerrero
  • Mash Bill 100% Papalote Agave
  • OvenĀ Pit oven using volcanic rock and firewood
  • ProofĀ 84Ā / 42% ABV