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Cinco Sentidos Mezcal - Papalometl

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This Cinco Sentidos mezcal was distilled by Amando Alvarez and his son in Santa Maria Ixcatlan. Alvarez is one of a handful of maestro mezcaleros who continue to use the centuries-old technique of fermenting in rawhide and distilling in clay.

  • Mezcalero Amando Alvarado Alvarez and Ansandro Alvarado Jimenez 
  • Village Santa Maria Ixcatlan, Oaxaca
  • Agave 100% Tobala
  • Mill Hand-mashed with wooden mallets
  • Oven Cooked for four days in underground conical ovens
  • Fermentation Open air in rawhide for six days
  • Still Double distilled in clay pots
  • Proof 90.2 / 45.1% ABV
  • Yield 270 Bottles

Customer Reviews

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Derick Boston
Rather unique

It's basically a tobala that drinks very soft and clean, almost like a full bodied sake. Very different than any other mezcal I've had and I drink a lot of them. It's not smokey at all and drinks sweeter when you pour it on ice. If you're serious about mezcal, get this one. You'll love its complexity.

Ricky Bravo
A must-buy for Tobala lovers!

This is a more earthy mezcal and the fermentation in rawhide accentuates the flavors of a traditional tobala. Not a lot of smoke on the palate and the claypot distillation gives it a soft mouthfeel. You won't find a lot of mezcals like this. If you like very small batches or mezcals distilled in the old style, this bottle is a must.