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Cinco Sentidos Mezcal

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This Cinco Sentidos mezcal was distilled by maestro mezcalero Delfino Tobón Mejía in San Pablo Ameyaltepec. It was made from Papalote and Chino agave that was roasted in an underground oven for three days with tehuixtle and mesquite firewood. The agave was combined with local spring water and fermented in the open air for 10 days then passed through a hybrid reflux still. Jason Paul Cox hand-selected this batch for Cinco Sentidos and the Just Maguey Project to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. The bottle features a special label that incorporates marigold, a traditional flower used to adorn houses, businesses and alters during the holiday.

Dia De Los Muertos

  • Mezcalero Delfino Tobón Mejía
  • Village San Pablo Ameyaltepec, Puebla
  • Mash Bill 90% Papalote. 10% Chino.
  • Mill Mechanical
  • Oven Earthen
  • Fermentation 10 days
  • Still Copper+Steel Hybrid
  • Proof 97.2 / 48.6% ABV
  • Yield 60 Bottles
  • Distilled June 2018
  • Selected ⁣⁣August 2020
  • On Sale Tue, October 13 (1pm EST)