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Chacolo Brocha

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For five generations the Partida family have been making an agave spirit called Chacolo, which, due to legalities can't officially be labelled a mezcal or tequila. Hailing from the tequila heartland of Jalisco, Chacolo Brocha features mint and ginger among other herbal notes.

  • Mezcalero Marcario Partida
  • Village Zapotitlan de Vadillo, Jalisco 
  • Agave Angustifolia, Brocha
  • Oven Canonical underground stone ovens
  • Fermentation Stone vats with spring water.
  • Still Double distilled in Filipino stills.
  • Proof 96.6 / 48.3% ABV. 

Customer Reviews

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Raul Gomez
Took me by surprise

Seemed a little expensive for a mezcal, but I went for it. It turned out to be the best agave spirit i've bought all year. A lot of bright, sweet notes and not tremendously smokey. Will definitely buy again.