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Alipus Mezcal San Luis Espadin

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Alipus is a boutique mezcal brand that produces six distinct expressions. Each one is named after the mezcalero's hometown. San Luis del Rio is home to maestro Don Baltazar Cruz who is well-known for distilling Espadin in the artesanal style: no machines. This joven expression is rich and full-bodied with tropical fruit and mild smoke on the palate. This is a high-quality mezcal at a reasonable price that's easy to sip neat and wonderful in a cocktail.

  • Mezcalero Don Baltazar Cruz Gomez
  • Village San Luis del Rio, Oaxaca
  • Agave 100% Espadin
  • Mill Stone Wheel
  • Oven Cooked in underground conical ovens
  • Fermentation Open air in 1500-liter pine vats
  • Still Double distilled in copper pots
  • Proof 95 / 47.50%