Cinco Sentidos Mezcal - Mexicanito

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This 5 Sentidos mezcal was distilled in 2015 and is aĀ special expression of the Mixteca Alta region of Oaxaca. It was madeĀ from wild mexicanito agaves that were harvested by hand and transported by donkey fromĀ the mountains to San Jose Rio Minas.

This micro batch was blended to proof using heads, hearts and spring water. It was hand-selected by Jason Paul Cox, Julia Cuthbertson, Pierre Auguste and OJ Lima exclusively for Just Maguey and Taste Select Repeat.Ā 

  • Mezcalero Anatolio and Emmanuel Ramirez
  • Village San Jose Rio Minas, Oaxaca
  • Mash Bill 100%Ā 8-year-old wild Mexicanito agave
  • OvenĀ Roasted for four days in an undergroundĀ pit with encino and tepehuaje firewood
  • Mill Hand-mashed with wooden mallets
  • Fermentation Open air for seven days
  • Still Double distilled in a hybrid still (stainless steel and clay pots)
  • ProofĀ 91.32 / 45.66% ABV
  • YieldĀ 66 Bottles