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우딘빌 버번

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이 Woodinville Whisky Company 싱글 배럴 버번은 Black and Brown Podcast 와 Taste Select Repeat의 공동 작업입니다. 배럴 4651은 워싱턴주 퀸시 에 있는 Woodinville의 배럴링 및 병입 시설에서 Anthony Culbert, Delvin Joyce, William Stephens, Pierre AugusteOJ Lima 에 의해 직접 선택된 후 Taste Select Repeat 전용 캐스크 강도로 병입되었습니다.

우딘빌 앤 칠

  • 증류기 Woodinville Whisky Co.
  • 모회사 모엣 헤네시
  • 배럴 4651
  • Cooperage Independent Stave Co. 53갤런. 18개월 숙성한 나무. Char 4. 심하게 구운 헤드.
  • 릭 하우스 빌딩 2 사우스. 열 3. 행 2. 위치 7.
  • 배럴당 2016년 1월 27일
  • 5 . 5 개월.
  • 매시빌 72% 옥수수. 호밀 22%. 6% 맥아 보리.
  • 입국 증명 110 / 55% ABV⁣⁣⁣
  • 최종 증명 119.48 / 59.74% ABV⁣⁣⁣
  • 손실 28%
  • 192병 생산

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hats Off To Washington State

As a PNW native, I'm a big supporter of local distilleries and Woodinville is one of our best. I think it's great they're branching out and doing single barrels and this is a truly exceptional release. Big burly spices mix with the pronounced sweetness of the mash bill to deliver a truly impressive sip. This is everything craft whiskey should be. Highly recommended.

Danny Marlin
Underrated But Shouldn't Be

My niece bought me a bottle of Woodinville's straight bourbon for Christmas a couple years ago. I really enjoyed it and made sure to buy this barrel pick when it came out. At 119 proof this blows away their regular releases and the nose is dreamy. I like that it has all those classic bourbon flavors but still offers something unique.