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와일더니스 트레일 라이(Wilderness Trail Rye) - 소프트 터치

판매 가격 가격 $69.00 정가 단가  당 

결제 시 배송료 가 계산됨

Wilderness Trail 싱글 배럴, 켄터키 스트레이트 호밀 위스키는 Jeff Lam , Jess Ann , Pierre AugusteOJ Lima 가 증류소에서 직접 선택한 후 Taste Select Repeat를 위해 캐스크 강도로 병입되었습니다.

  • 배럴 16H10-4
  • 협력 독립 Stave Company. 53갤런. 문자 4.
  • 릭 하우스 A-S11-F4
  • 4 . 7개월.
  • 매시 빌 56% 호밀. 옥수수 33%. 11% 맥아 보리.
  • 효모 FermPro 1
  • 진입 증명 105 / 52.5% ABV
  • 최종 프루프 107 / 53.5% ABV
  • 손실 26%
  • 197병 생산

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Soft Touch indeed

had it at a friend's house and it was delicious. did some research and turns out it was picked back when Macaulay Minton was the barrel manager, so you know it's a high quality single barrel. it drinks above its age. not spicy at all and a lot of mellow sweet nots underneath.

My go to

I always get a little bit of Root Beer when I drink this. A lot of spice on this one, but smooth enough to feel like a normal 80 proof whiskey (which it is not). Be careful with this bottle, because you can finish it with some friends in one sitting.

I’ve loved everything to come out of wilderness trail. Whenever TSR gets a barrel pick from there you know it’ll be good. Don’t sleep on this one!

Tina Brophy
I Died And Went To Rye Heaven

I like a big spicy rye and just like with their other bottles, Wilderness Trail delivers. At the same time, the heavy corn mash bill gives this a sweetness that never lets the pepper notes become overpowering.