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새로운 리프 버번 - TSR 싱글 배럴 1

판매 가격 가격 $66.00 정가 단가  당 

결제 시 배송료 가 계산됨

이 싱글 배럴 켄터키 스트레이트 버번 위스키는 Brian Sand 가 New Riff Distilling에서 직접 선택한 것입니다. 피에르 오귀스트 그리고 OJ Lima는 Taste Select Repeat를 위해 캐스크 강도로 병입되었습니다.

  • 증류기 뉴 리프 증류
  • 배럴 16-12131
  • 배럴 준비 딥 토스트. #4 문자.
  • 2016년 8월 30일 증류됨
  • 나이 4세 1개월
  • 매시 빌 옥수수 65%. 호밀 30%. 5% 맥아 보리.
  • 프루프(입장) 110 / 55% ABV
  • 프루프(최종) 102.1 / 51.05% ABV⁣⁣⁣
  • 233병 생산
  • 2020년 9월 24일 선정 ⁣⁣

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    That kiss of sweetness

    The nose is powerful like the scent of the perfume of your first fling in paris. Effortless on the mouth as if she was breathing tenderly on the side of your neck. And the flavor of a long kiss after she ate a marshmallow creme brûlée. The finish doesn’t last forever, just long enough to miss her and lustfully call her back for more.

    New New

    This is a great example of trusting the process of the TSR pick and finding something new that I wouldn’t have tried / wasn’t aware of before. Complex - spice finish and caramel and honey up front, quite enjoyable.

    New Riff Barrel 16-12131

    Very happy for the opportunity to buy this bottle it’s amazing I’m enjoying every sip the finish is great specially if you enjoy those spicy finish. Looking forward to another private pick and thank you.