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절도 배럴 프루프 버번 B522

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Larceny Barrel Proof는 캐스크 강도로, Heaven Hill 의 밀 첨가 버번은 1년에 3번만 출시됩니다. 시중에서 판매되는 밀 첨가 버번 중 품질이 가장 높은 버번 중 하나입니다. 소규모 배치 절도 팬(또는 일반적으로 밀업자)에게 이 병은 필수품입니다.

  • 6~8 .
  • 매시 빌 68% 옥수수. 20% 밀. 12% 맥아 보리.
  • 증명 123.8 / 61.9% ABV

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Customer Reviews

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Brayden C.
Sleeper BP Bottle

I came here to get a C923 but it was out of stock so I took a chance on this because I already had a couple C922s on ice. I don't know why this bottle doesn't get more love. It has everything the C922 has with a touch more spice. If you're trying to build a collection of BP releases, I would definitely add this to the quiver and for the record, these are getting hard to find.