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프레이 랜치 버번

판매 가격 가격 $89.00 정가 단가  당 

결제 시 배송료 가 계산됨

이 4가지 곡물 싱글 배럴 버번은 네바다주 팰런에 있는 프레이 랜치 에서 Eddie Maisonet , Pierre AugusteOJ Lima 가 직접 선택한 후 Taste Select Repeat 전용 캐스크 강도로 병입되었습니다.

아빠라이프 2023

  • 증류소 프레이 랜치 증류소
  • 증류기 러셀 웨드레이크
  • 배럴 1280
  • 5 . 3 개월. 16일.
  • 매시빌 66.6% 옥수수. 12% 맥아 보리. 호밀 11.4%. 10% 밀.
  • 쿠퍼리지 배럴 53. 53갤런. 4개의 지팡이. 숯 3개.
  • 배럴당 2017년 12월 27일
  • 2023년 4월 12일에 폐기됨
  • 릭 하우스 E 19B5
  • 진입 증명 125 / 62.5% ABV
  • 최종 프루프 127.72 / 63.86% ABV
  • 손실 26%
  • 198병 생산

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Seth Bair
Frey Ranch review

Timely delivery. Whiskey is excellent. Great depth and intensity of flavor. Unique flavor, more than just a bourbon

Better than their first Frey Ranch single barrel

I didn't think TSR could top their 2022 Frey Ranch single barrel, but I stand corrected. This one is better. It's bold and potent without being astringent or dry. Most whiskeys fade when you drink them on the rocks, but this one is as good - if not better. That peanut brittle and caramel really pop with a small ice cube.

Kool Keith
Big and Bold!!!!!

Wow! This single barrel packs a punch. Frey's regular bourbon is great. This is like one of those on HGH. If you're a proof snob, you need this bottle. It'll keep you warm at night.

Cathy James
Professional bourbon drinkers only

This bad boy is super potent. If you like high heat, you'll love it. Between the high proof and the peanut brittle on the palate, it reminds me of a few Booker's I really enjoyed. You have to take your time with it, and some may prefer it with ice or water. Definitely getting another for the bunker.