Dark Arts Barely Legal Cask Strength Bourbon

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결제 시 배송료 가 계산됨

This cask strength bourbon features a unique mash bill of corn and rye. Distilled in Indiana, and blended in Kentucky from three small batch barrels, it features ripe orchard fruits on the nose, honeyed chocolate on the palate, and a buttery mouthfeel. 

  • Distiller Undisclosed
  • Age NAS (7 - 8 Years)
  • Mash Bill 51% Corn, 39% Rye. 10% Malted Rye.
  • Proof 115 / 57.5 ABV
  • Yield 600 - 750 Bottles

Dark Arts Whiskey House is the brainchild of Macaulay Minton, who previously managed Wilderness Trail's single barrel program. Look out Harry Potter, there's a new wizard in town and his dark magic is alchemy. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, (Not Hogwarts) Dark Arts specializes in blending, rebarreling, and finishing whiskey.


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