Finger Lakes Vs Weller - Wheated Bourbon Showdown

To celebrate the February release of DIY7 Eagle Cliff Falls TSR held a blind tasting to see if our six-year wheated pick from Finger Lakes Distilling could hold its own against the Weller portfolio - the grand pappy of wheated bourbons. Nine members where invited to a two-round blind that included:

  • Weller Reserve
  • Weller 12 Year
  • Weller CYPB 2019
  • Weller Antique 2019 barrel pick from Bayway World of Liquor (NJ)
  • Weller Full Proof 2019 barrel pick from Port Royal Liquor (TN)
  • DIY7 Eagle Cliff Falls barrel pick from Taste Select Repeat

In round one, members voted for their top three bottles. The three bottles with the most votes advanced to round two where members cast one vote each for their favorite bottle. The winners were:

1st DIY7 Eagle Cliff Falls
2nd Weller Antique Bayway barrel pick
3rd Weller Full Proof Port Royal pick

It was sweet to see a young New York distiller defeat Kentucky's strongest brand. TSR was the first to select barrels at Finger Lakes so we feel blessed to have played a small role in the victory. DIY7 went on sale at Seelbach's a few days later and sold out in 30 minutes.

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