TSR Featured In Vanity Fair

In the spring of 2021, the editorial team at Vanity Fair took notice of TSR's early success and interviewed OJ and Pierre for their website. This followed our feature in Mic and was our second major interview of 2021. This article focused on the inclusive nature of TSR and how OJ and Pierre are elevating the traditional liquor store. Excerpt below:

By Arimeta Diop
August 27, 2021

People who are into whiskey are really into the hunt,” O.J. Lima, cofounder of Taste Select Repeat, explained over a phone call this summer with Vanity Fair. This love of the hunt that compels whiskey enthusiasts—whether finding a store nobody else knows or nabbing hard-to-come-by bottles for a good price—is the exact nature Lima and fellow cofounder Pierre Auguste hope to cater to with their company: part subscription box, part nerdy club for enthusiasts of all knowledge levels.

What started initially as a mailing list of about 200 grew to 1,000 supporters in no more than six months, with a composition that spoke to the diversity of whiskey drinkers. “[The] list is about 50/50 people of color to white people,” Lima explained. “We’re about 35% women and about 40% people under 35. So all of those demographics are really fundamental and the new demographic of the American whiskey drinker.” Whiskey is younger, browner, and more female—and Taste Select Repeat aims to ensure those groups aren’t overlooked by an industry that, while changing, remains largely white and male-dominated.

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