OJ Returns To Judge The Barleycorn Awards

After serving as a judge in the Best of Spring 2023 Barleycorn Awards, TSR co-founder OJ Lima is back at it, judging samples and helping shine a light on the best in the world of spirits. This is the second round of the competition, known as the Best of Fall, with the winners of both going head to head in the Best of 2023 competition later this year.   

The John Barleycorn Awards "honors the innovative distillers, writers, marketers, designers who cultivate the fertile traditions of the spirits industry." The competition is run by the John Barleycorn Society, an assemblage of spirits industry professionals and writers dedicated to celebrating the best in their field. 

"50 samples. 8 categories. 6 hours of tasting. Thanks Barleycorn Awards for trusting me to judge your competition," said Lima on a post on his Instagram account. Learn more about the competition at the Barleycorn Awards website

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