Reviewing BTAC On The Black & Brown Podcast

It's been a minute since Pierre and OJ were guests on the Black and Brown podcast, so OJ stopped by the studio on a recent trip to the Queen City to sit in on a couple episodes.

The first episode, "BTAC What's Cracking," covers a lot of bases, including a review of the 2022 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and TSR's growth over the past year. But it wouldn’t be Black History Month without a little chirping. Tune in to hear OJ weigh in on diversity and inclusion in the spirits industry, the 3-tier system, why brands don’t care about influencers and, gasp, the problem with charity barrels. 

In the second episode, "QBB," OJ and the Black and Brown crew answered questions from the Questionable Bourbon Behavior Hotline. B&B listeners called in to confess their questionable bourbon behavior and were rated "questionable" or "acceptable." As might be expected, things got spicy. 


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