PM Spirits • Project Blanco | Tequila

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PM Spirits is known for importing exquisite armagnac and cognac and has now focused their attention south on mezcal and tequila. Project Blanco was distilled by agave veteran Jose Luis Gutierrez using six-year-old estate-grown agave. This additive-free tequila is the product of one single oven (horno), distilled at 110 proof, before being rested for 15 days in ex-bourbon barrels. It's clean, light and vegetal with a touch of barrel notes to ease the finish.
  • Nom 1468
  • Region Tequila, Jalisco
  • Classification Blanco 
  • Mash Bill 100% Blue Weber Agave
  • Cooking Brick Oven 
  • Extraction Roller Mill 
  • Still Copper Pot  
  • Aging Bourbon Casks 
  • Proof 80 / 110% ABV