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Chacolo Azul Telcruz

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Chacolo Azul Telcruz is a rare agave spirit that's only released every three years. Due to legalities, it can't be labelled as mezcal or tequila. For five generations, the Partida family of Jalisco has been making Chacolo in small batches. Azul Telcruz is made from a type of blue agave (Angustifolia) that takes 10 years to reach maturity. The pinas are cooked in an underground oven, then hand-milled, fermented naturally in wooden tinas with mountain spring water, and double distilled. It has a soft mouthfeel with a wonderful balance flavors that bring together the sweetness of sugarcane with smokey elements of backyard BBQ.

  • Mezcalero¬†Marcario Partida
  • Village¬†Zapotitlan de Vadillo, Jalisco¬†
  • Agave Angustifolia
  • Mill¬†Electric
  • Oven¬†Canonical¬†underground stone.
  • Fermentation¬†Stone vats with spring water.
  • Still¬†Filipino.
  • Proof¬†97.06 / 48.53% ABV.¬†