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Jack Daniel's Select Tennessee Whiskey

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select Tennessee whiskey, hand-selected at the distillery by Dads Drinking Bourbon, Pierre Auguste and OJ Lima. This is a delicate whiskey. It has a fruity palate without being cloying, followed by a rye-forward finish that lingers softly. There's no need for water or ice. It's approachable neat, and easy to enjoy.

The Game Changer

  • Distiller Chris Fletcher (Master), Lexie Phillips (Assistant Master)
  • Parent Company Brown-Forman
  • Barrel 22-02267
  • Age 5 Years
  • Barreled February 8, 2017
  • Cooperage Jack Daniel's. 53 Gallon. Char 4.
  • Warehouse 2-11 / 4th Floor / Left 13 / 3rd Tier
  • Mash Bill 80% Corn. 12% Barley. 8% Rye.
  • Entry Proof 125
  • Final Proof 94 / 47% ABV
  • Yield 258 Bottles

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This is what regular JD should taste like

it may only be a few proof points more than regular jack but it makes a difference. I have a lot of jack single barrels and this pick is my favorite. Still easy to drink but with a lot more flavor than others i've had.

Carla Monroe
Love Jack Single Barrels

Old No. 7's always been a great mixer but their single barrels stack up against anyone else's. Love this particular batch which is a steal for the price.

Frank Simms
Don't Sleep

When my Mom went out to a fancy restaurant and wanted to treat herself, she ordered a Jack Daniel's. These bottles are a giant step up from the regular bottles and don't disappoint.