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Medley Brothers Bourbon - DIY5 The Hall of Famer

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This Charles Medley¬†single barrel bourbon was hand-selected by¬†Shawn Kim,¬†Pierre Auguste¬†and¬†OJ Lima. It was distilled in Kentucky and bottled¬†unfiltered at cask strength. Its high¬†ABV and lack of filtration earned it the nickname "the Covid Killer."¬†At 127.58 proof, it's the most sauced whiskey we've ever selected. It yielded 174 bottles¬†and was originally released by 58 Wine & Liquor.‚Ā£¬†

  • Barrel¬†13
  • ‚Ā£‚Ā£‚Ä®Age¬†8 Years‚Ā£‚Ā£
  • Mash Bill Undisclosed
  • Proof¬†127.58 / 63.79% ABV‚Ā£‚Ā£
  • Picked¬†April 25, 2019‚Ā£‚Ä®
  • Originally Released¬†November 20, 2019¬†