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Backbone Bourbon - Larry Bird

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We call this single barrel bourbon, "Larry Bird" because it's from Indiana and it can't miss. The nose is a dream and the balance of sweetness and spice on the palate is baking-spice perfection. The mouthfeel is viscous and the finish is long and continuous like #33's trash-talking. Larry Legend was hand-selected in Indianapolis by Kymi Lander-Douglas, Tim McKee, Pierre Auguste and OJ Lima, then bottled at cask strength exclusively for Taste Select Repeat.
  • Distiller¬†MGP
  • Age¬†8 Years. 6 days.
  • Barrel S325
  • Cooperage¬†Barrel 53, LLC. 53 gallon. Char 3.
  • Barreled¬†June 30, 2014
  • Dumped¬†July 6, 2022
  • Mash Bill¬†75% Corn. 21% Rye. 4% Malted Barley.
  • Entry Proof 125
  • Final Proof¬†122.7 / 61.35% ABV‚Ā£‚Ā£‚Ā£
  • Loss¬†35%
  • Yield¬†173 Bottles


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