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We're closing out the class of 2023 with a bang, featuring two brands that make amazing whiskey. NY Distilling is home to the oldest rye barrels in New York state. The Wathen and Medley families have been distilling bourbon in Kentucky since 1787. Both brands fly under the radar. Let's keep it that way because the single barrels are excellent. These barrels were hand-selected by members of the 2023 graduating class. Hurrah for the Red and Blue!

New York Distilling - Ragtime Rye

  • Age 7 Years. 10 Months.
  • Barrel 960
  • Mash Bill 75% Rye. 13% Corn. 12% Malted Barley.
  • Entry Proof 125
  • Final Proof 112 / 56% ABV
  • Yield 192 Bottles

Medley Bros - Wathen's Bourbon

  • Age 7 Years. 8 Months.
  • Barrel 14313
  • Mash Bill 77% Corn. 13% Malted Barley. 10% Rye.
  • Entry Proof 117 / 58.5% ABV
  • Final Proof 94 / 47% ABV
  • Yield 252 Bottles

The Ragtime rye will feature a hangtag with our logo, and ships by April 7. The Wathen's will have our logo printed on the bottle and ships at the end of the semester. When you purchase both bottles, shipping is calculated as two separate shipments. Expect to pay $15-25 per shipment depending on your location.

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