Very Olde Saint Nick Rye Collection

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In 2020, Preservation Distillery won Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for their Summer rye, and followed that up in 2021 with a Gold for the Harvest rye. It's odd to call a whiskey "Very Olde" without an age statement, but despite the lack of transparency, they got these right. Both are cask strength, blended from 2-4 barrels (5-7 years old), sourced from Kentucky. The Summer rye is Kentucky-style, with mash bills ranging from 51-70% rye. It's light on the spice, big on the nose, and drinks softer than its proof. The Harvest rye features higher rye mash bills (70 - 90% rye). It's heavier on the spice, dark fruit and caramel, with a  prolonged oaky finish.

  • Distiller Undisclosed
  • Age¬†NAS (5+ Years Old)
  • Mash Bill Undisclosed
  • Proof 117.4 / 58.7% ABV (Summer). 118.8 / 59.4% ABV (Harvest).