Old 55 Bourbon - Barrel 18D2

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Hidden in rural Newtown, Indiana,Ā Old 55 Distillery has earned aĀ reputation as one of the Midwest's premierĀ independent distillers. They farm their own corn, use unique mash bills, and age inĀ 30-gallon barrels. ThisĀ wheated single barrel bourbon was hand-selected at the distillery by Kymi Lander-Douglas, Tim McKee, Pierre Auguste and OJ Lima,Ā and bottled at cask strength.

  • Barrel 18D2
  • Age 4 Years. 1 Month.
  • Barreled April 4, 2018
  • Rick House Basement
  • Cooperage Barrel Mill. 30 Gallon. Char 3.
  • Mash Bill 80% Corn. 20% Soft Red Winter Wheat.
  • Entry Proof 57.1
  • Final Proof 107.6 / 53.8% ABV
  • Loss 52%
  • Yield 72 Bottles

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