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Little Book Chapter 6 + OGD Bonded Whiskey Kit

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The 1-liter OGD Bonded is highly versatile for sipping or mixing, but the star of this kit is the annual Little Book release. Chapter 6 "To The Finish" is a unique blend of four malt whiskeys and a bourbon ranging 4-5 years old. It features sweet and savory notes of brown sugar bacon and a velvety mouthfeel.  

  • Age¬†NAS ¬†
  • Mash Bill Undisclosed blend:¬†4-year malt whiskey finished with cherrywood staves.¬†4-year malt whiskey finished in applewood smoked barrels.¬†4-year malt whiskey finished in hickory smoked barrels.¬†4-year malt whiskey finished with maplewood staves.¬†5-year bourbon.
  • Proof¬†117.45 / 58.725% ABV


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